30 cities in 1 summer. I was able to visit about 8 of those cities in the mid-west in the summer of 2007. Jon Gordon had just debuted his latest book ‘The Energy Bus’ and he had 21-year-old me to help organize his book tour. I was finally using my Public Relations skills from UF to attract press and attention to the events…even though in OKC and Omaha we had a combined 5 people! However, Austin and Des Moines made it worth it with well over 200 people combined.

I like to think of myself as one of the first ‘Energy Bus’ drivers now that the book has sold over 2 million copies world-wide. I’ve seen this book grow since it was a baby. Literally. Jon sent me a copy of the book as a Word document, and I read it in my tiny little apartment. Little did I know this book would have a huge impact on my life and every reader to come.

The book tour was special because I always knew I wanted to be a speaker. At 17-years-old I told friends and teachers in high school I wanted to speak….but just didn’t know how to get there. So to be driving around the country with an up-and-coming author, introducing him at each event, and planting seeds for a major book…I was in heaven and trying to soak up the experience. Jon and I grew close as he was obviously a great mentor to me…and still is.

Jon was sick for a lot of our drive together, but he always mustered the strength to speak at our events. I liked watching him perform confirming I was supposed to do this. I try to channel that young hunger from that 21-year-old kid when I can to remind myself to stay humble, hungry, and driven. It’s important to take people under your wings and pay it forward. I may have been one of the first ‘Drivers of the Bus’ but there are now millions world-wide who have taken the wheel for the ride of their lives.